Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Has Been Amazing So Far

I love how this year is shaping up thus far.  We stopped doing a lot of the things folks have come to "expect" from us and have refocused our efforts into new and exciting adventures that have us all smiling literally every single day.

I had a TON of sales throughout Christmas.  Most of what sold through the holiday shopping season were NEW items and things I wasn't sure would go over well with those who frequent my shop.  Then it hit me.....If I'm not happy with what I am doing and making it is going to show and the sales will tank.  Guess what?  I was right.  I brought the bacon candle in and it sold like hotcakes.  I went through more wax in the 2011 holiday shopping season than I did ALL of the regular shopping for 2011.  I brought the wind chimes in and sold almost every single set I had made for the shopping season and those I actually planned on keeping for myself.  AWESOME!

Each year my resolution is pretty simple.  I resolve to NOT resolve.  By definition that simply doesn't work.  SO...my resolution for 2012 was to get back to doing what makes me happy.  By doing what makes ME happy John and the girls are happy.  John is getting back into programming (nerd-geek) and the girls are goofier than ever.  So it's a win-win situation for all of us.

Where are you going with this, Anhoki?


 Happy Hour II "Kaleidoscope" Stained Glass Wind Chimes OOAK

 Renaissance Fair "Kaleidoscope" Stained Glass Wind Chimes OOAK

 Winds Of Change IV Kaleidoscope Stained Glass Wind Chimes OOAK Windchimes

This is the first chandelier I've ever made....Ever.  It hangs in front of the window in my workspace.  I love it because it's the first, it's simple and it's mine.

This is "Bob".  She is also mine.  She hangs next to my chair in the living room.  I love her because she has glass pieces from every project I've ever made up to the point of making her.  Everyone loves her and makes a point of gazing at her when they come in the house.  Makes me smile.  The first two chandeliers also use the bike wheels from the bikes our kiddos used to ride.  This makes them even more special.  I made one for my mom but have yet to get a great picture of it.  When I do I will update this post. 

So last week a woman contacted me through Etsy and asked if I could take the Happy Hour wind chimes and turn them into a straight panel of glass that she could use as a curtain in her house.  Erm....sure.  I'd thought about making panels or "curtains" before but never really had the incentive to do it.  Now I had a legit reason for doing so.  Of course I was over-anal and concerned that the glass would not offer enough privacy for her and she was more concerned about the fluidity of the piece and the glass color than the privacy.  Of course I still have privacy in mind and my mind is in overdrive mode.  I loved the idea so much I quoted it to her, bought the glass BEFORE receiving payment and was well on my way to making my OWN curtain for my workspace.  I've learned a lot about myself in the last few days and will change the way I go about making the curtain panels...
1) Don't push myself to get it all done in two days when it should REALLY take a week.
2) Let the creativity that is fighting you be the one IN CONTROL.  If it's not working creatively it makes no sense.
3) Remember to stay hydrated.  You actually need to eat and drink from time to time....even if that means you have to stop what you are doing and make yourself eat or drink. :~)
4) Electronica and Trance music keep me focused and energized. :~)

 Colorful Stained Glass Curtain/Panel CUSTOM ORDER

This is the panel I rocked out in 48 hours.  34 inches wide and 37 inches at the longest point  (33.5 at the shortest).  I used 238 pieces of glass in this panel.  And I got away with SO few pieces because some of them were pushing 6 and 7 inches in length.  I broke ONE piece of glass while putting the strand on the copper pipe and actually cried.  I had been working for so long and was SO close.  To have one break...broke my heart.  But....I WON!  She was placed in my workspace around 10:30 Sunday night and........I listed a custom panel/curtain in my shop this morning.   

What does all of this mean?  It means I am back to doing what makes me blissfully happy and it is a pleasure to wake up each morning.  It's harder than it used to be.  I cut myself a lot more these days.  You'd be amazed where tiny shards of glass can end up.  Those who know me know I hate to wear shoes.  Well....I have the scars to prove it.  I've cut myself far far less than I did in the beginning.  Now-a-days I cut myself while moving the glass instead of when I am cutting the glass.  Who cares!?  I'm doing what I love, making things that people find beautiful and actually BUY and decorating the house along the way.  Life is good. 



Anne-Marie said...

WOW! These are absolutely gorgeous! You have such a talent!

jodi said...

this is absolutely stunning! beautiful work. xo